Energy Grid Optimisation

What is your Energy Grid?

Your energy grid is everything that is brought into existence by your energy source. Every thought, idea, emotion, relationship, or material possession: that is, absolutely everything that depends on YOU to exist.


When you depart this earthly playground, your grid largely ceases to exist. Life moves on without you, and at best, you leave behind mostly memories in the energy grids of others.


A simple analogy I like to use, is to compare your body to a mobile phone.

You are powered by a 'battery' that needs daily recharging. If you forget to charge your phone, it stops working. What happens to you when you forget to recharge your body? An irregular charging cycle is one of the main contributors to stress and anxiety.

Your mobile has an operating system. Android or IOS. Your body, in sharp contrast, has eleven operating systems:

Bones, muscles, and soft tissues help you to move. A circulatory system consisting of the heart, lungs, arteries, and blood allows oxygen to be transported around the body to keep cells alive. The nervous system keeps the brain informed of what's going on and allows you to think, act and feel. Your digestive system helps you to absorb energy from food and keeps you hydrated with water. An immune system prevents attacks from viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms that could cause you harm or spread disease.


Take a moment to appreciate the complex energy grid that is your body.

Just like your mobile device, you have many APPS that power your life. There is an APP for everything. The image below gives you an idea of some of the common human APPS. Thoughts, feelings, possessions, and relationships to name but a few. Each one is an APP. How many APPS do you keep alive? Realise that each APP needs power to function and it gets that power directly from you.

My Grid.png
What are Etheric Connections

Etheric cords connect you to everything. They are like strands of light between your energy field and every other energy field in existence. When you INTEND to give something your FOCUSSED AWARENESS, you instantly begin to form an etheric connection. Be it to a person, an object, a thought, or a feeling. The more time and awareness that you invest, the stronger the connection.

Etheric connections can be GOOD or BAD


These cords become bad when they drain your energy reserves. It takes energy to keep each cord alive, which is energy you could be investing in other areas of your life.

Examples of bad etheric connections could include:


- A strong connection to sugar, with resulting weight concerns.

- A toxic relationship, which drains you, even when you avoid that person.

- Emotional pain linked to past events, like childhood memories.

- A strong connection to anxiety, which destroys good opportunities for you.

- Anger which pushes other people away and creates dis-ease.

- An emotional injury that still haunts you, like a divorce or a past lover.

The list is endless. Most of us could easily list three energy connections that we should ideally disconnect from our Energy Grid. Drainers that you know are not serving you, but your connection, usually an emotional one, is too strong for you to simply let go.

What is Energy Grid Optimisation?

Optimisation allows you to actively manage your Energy Grid. Some things energise you, whilst others deplete your energy reserves. You identify the energy drainers and execute strategies to eliminate them from your grid. This re-hardwiring typically takes 21-days plus. This is my methodology of choice as an Energy Therapist. I look at everything from this energy perspective because everything is energy.

Optimisation is about preserving your energy for the things that really matter most to you. For your HIGHEST GOOD. It leans into the disciplines of science, quantum-science, and neuroscience.