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When I was a baby, I cried when I was cold, hungry or in need of love. Mom says I was a brave little soul, scared only of falling.

My Energy Grid was simple. I was happy.

Then started my journey of cultural conditioning, social compliance and educational grooming. It turns out, everyone had an opinion on who I was and what was best for me. Born into a family of six siblings, there were many strong opinions to consider. In this maze of conflicting energies, I became known as Frank.

One day, in my late 30's, I realised I was deeply unhappy and that I didn't like Frank. Dark days followed me in my soul city of London.

Some years later a wise elderly man, who I now realise is an Earth Angel, challenged me with this question:


"Frank, what becomes possible, if you stop believing who you THINK you are?".

Many days of deep reflection followed: I slowly and painfully realised that who I THOUGHT I was, came mostly from the THINKING of others. And that realisation really hurt.


A new Energy Grid was needed. One of my own choosing


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