Preparing for
Energy Therapy


Prior to your session, gently place your focus on relaxation, diet and intention. 

Try to rest and spend time in energy rich environments before your session. Go for walks, spend time in nature and get some moderate exercise. The ocean, a river or any natural water source is a powerful energy source. Try to reduce and/or eliminate time watching television, listening to the radio, and reading newspapers. Stay off your mobile devices. These can all give toxic or negative energies that can affect a sensitive system. Spend as much time as possible in silence, prayer, or meditation. Don't try to control your thinking; give your mind permission to go wherever it wishes to go. No judgement and no control, just be an observer of your thinking.


Avoid foods that are rich and calorie dense. Increase your intake of green-leaf vegetables. If possible, refrain from eating meat. Meat can contain toxins in the form of pesticides and heavy metals that make your system sluggish and throws it out of balance. Avoid or eliminate alcohol. Drink as much water as possible, aiming for two to three litres per day. Minimise or eliminate your use of coffee and caffeine drinks. They can create an imbalance in the nervous and endocrine systems. Cut back on your sugar intake, by minimising sweets and chocolates. If you smoke, try to cut-back or stop smoking.


Reflect on any intentions you want to set for your session. Formulate a "I want to" statement. If you do not have a specific intention, intend for the session to align you to Source Energy and for it to act in harmony with your highest good. Make notes of anything you want to ask or share with me before you begin.


​On the day of your session, make sure that you are in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Clear your space at least 20-minutes before the session starts. If convenient, play your favourite lyric-free relaxation music. Do anything that will make the session feel special and sacred. You could light an intention candle. Spend some time in silence, prayer, or meditation immediately prior to the session to relax and to place yourself in a receptive state.

Link via Zoom and have your mobile phone on hand to receive a call if needed. If we have not connected on Zoom within 3 minutes of the scheduled time, please try to contact me via WhatsApp or email. Navigating technology can be tricky sometimes and things do go wrong. Keep an eye on your email for any updates from me.

During the session focus on your breathing. It is best to sit upright or lie down, making sure that you are comfortable, with your eyes closed. Keep your palms facing up as a sign that you are open to receive Source Energy. If your mind wonders, just bring it back to being aware of what is happening in your body. If possible, you should remain linked via Zoom during the therapy work. However, this is not critical. I will explain all of this to you on the call - so no need to over prepare or be anxious about it.

You may feel warmth in your hands and/or sensations throughout your body. You may see or sense colours. No two people have the exact same experience. Some people experience nothing at all, other than a feeling of deep relaxation. Whatever you experience – or don’t experience – is exactly right for you. Feel free to have a notebook or journal on hand to make a note of anything specific that comes up for you. Note all sensations in your body.


When the energy work is complete, I will provide feedback. This is a suitable time for you to share anything that may have come-up for you. I will provide guidance on how you should approach the days after your treatment.



"They who believe, move mountains". You are a divine creation with abilities way beyond your own comprehension. You are connected to the bigger dimension of existence because you are the Universal Energy Grid. Therefore, believe that you are connecting with Your Source. Believe that you can heal yourself. Believe that by calling upon Reiki, you've opened a channel for "one thousand hands" to come out to help you. Embrace the help. Release and surrender.


Above all, believe in YOU